18 June 2011

Vacation ~ Vol 8

Today was World Wide Knit in Public Day and of course, we woke up to another drizzly gray Seattle day.
Instead of knitting outside Seattle Center at the fountain, we met everyone inside the Center House where the 5th Annual Iranian Festival was also being held, so we were treated to all sorts of entertainment while we sat and knit.  There was a children's parade and singing and dancing and book readings.  I also had a great lunch from their catering booth.  I had Fesenjan, which is a stew with poultry (mine had chicken) and a sauce of pomegranate, walnuts and spices, served over rice with nan and spiced yogurt on the side.  It was wonderful.  I love trying new ethnic foods and rarely find something that I don't like.

Back to the knitting ~ we had a wonderful time.  Charisa put a lot of hard work into the day and we had new-knitter bags to hand out, filled with yarn and a pattern, and signs to put on our tables about why we knit and we also each scored a free skein of yarn for showing up fairly early.

Here are a few pics from the day ~ it was a blast and a great 1st knit in public day for me!

Oneknitwit & her youngest

Mel & Kel and oo, ah, oh ~ is that Rock Island I see?!
One more day of vacation....sigh.  I've had too much fun this week which will make going back to work far too hard.  Hope I haven't bored everyone to tears with all my adventures!  ~ Melissa

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your adventures :D I hope you are well rested and ready to start back to the daily grind on Monday!