19 May 2013

Finale - Guest Blogger Dixie

In the Pines
 Hi  Kaliers,

 After beginning this pattern with a lace weight yarn, I changed  to Malabrigo fingering. The other yarn wasn't suitable for me. I enjoyed this knit, and once I caught the rhythm of this pattern, I was off.

I completed 12 pattern repeats, but didn't use the whole 440 yds. With luck and a good wind, I may have been able to squeeze in another repeat, but I decided to leave that challenge for another day.

Last night while blocking, I thought about the beads I didn't add, but since the yarn is rather compact, not to mention I knit a "wee" bit tight, I think the shawl holds its own without any.
 And last but by no means least, a very special thank you to Melissa!  She has been an absolute gem! {Suffice it to say that blogger, for me, has been measuring high on the misery index, but thanks to Melissa it has been foiled; or I have. ~ CC: Clueless in Canada} :-)

I am looking forward to seeing each finished shawl. Enjoy stitching.... ( Marianne40 rav)


  1. hoorah 'CC' ~ mission accomplished (quite a few invites later but accomplished none the less!!)

    it's wonderful and I love it's compactness ~ it's amazing how different needle sizes and yarns lend themselves to this pattern and how unique and lovely each is in their own right

    I agree ~ beads would have taken away from the final product ~ it's lovely!!

    good job, Dixie (and you're always welcome back, even though you're my problem child :) ...)

  2. I blew your photos up just a bit too ~ they were much too modestly small :)

  3. Wow... I love it. Glad Melissa blew it up, cuz what I see is impressive. Now I am getting excited to finish mine. Good job Dixie. Thank you so much for posting. Pen

  4. Dixie, great job it turned out beautiful. Great color. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Its beautiful. I love the color! Great job.

  6. It's lovely, way to go, you do a KAL proud! So glad you joined~

  7. Thanks very much. It's been fun!

  8. What a beautiful shawl. WOW. Good job!

    I'm excited, cuz I just ordered blocking wires with an Amazon gift card. I have always blocked things the hard way, and Carolyn and I can share them.

  9. Oh, another beauty! It looks amazing without the beads ;)