31 May 2013

Officially done -- guest blogger Carolyn

I lied, this is Penny, but someone needs to report that Carolyn's shawl is done and tonight we block. We'll get pics and add it to this post SOON. She finished at 2 a.m., this morning. Persistent!

Way to go -- Carolyn. Tomorrow we hike!

(In reality, we did not hike and we did not block the shawl until today. Carolyn was not feeling well.)

Update June 1st:
 I'll post a couple more pics after the shawl is dried. It turned out soooo pretty.

Update June 3rd: Carolyn, this is wonderful. Now go work on a pair of socks. No -- read!!!


  1. I was wrong. She must have been too tired after work, because I didn't hear from her last night. We neither blocked nor hiked. Maybe we will block today.

  2. hello, Carolyn :)
    welcome to the blog...you look mah-velous!!!

    awesome job lady!

  3. Beautiful shawl, Carolyn.
    Well done, indeed!

  4. It is a beautiful shawl, /lace 'fits' you, the size seems perfect on you. Thanks for sharing and knitting along.