02 May 2013

Late to the KAL ~ by guest blogger Dixie

Hi Gals and Guys,

Nice to meet you! Extending hand.. From what I've seen, you are all extraordinary knitters!
There's not much in my stash, but after a lot of digging, I came up with a couple of choices. (The nearest yarn shop is an hour away in Montreal, or it's yarn by snail mail). My choice is a bit fuzzy; I'll see how it takes to ripping--not that I do any. ☺ Yarn: Melosa Lanas Paras - Cornflower Blue. (Forgive missing pic. I'm on a gismo, which, at this point, is winning.)
Since I am feeling adventurous, I think I will try both cast ons to see which one I like the best. My thoughts are on beads, but what to choose and, more importantly, where to put them. Any ideas?

Enjoy the stitching...
Aka Marianne40 on Rave...
P.S. My tiara for a ball winder.


  1. hurray ~ you got the invite and were at least able to say hello before the troubles started again

    we'll get it figured out ~ don't give up!!

    welcome, Dixie...and if I had an extra ball winder I'd trade you in a jiffy ~ I would look mah-velous in a tiara :)

    1. I also tried to fix your font size so that the little tiny print is the same size as the rest but it must be that way because of whatever gadget you used to do the post with ~ I couldn't edit anything in your post for some reason, but I tried :)