13 May 2013

Ready Set Go ~ guest blogger Andee

So I had plans of using my handspun merino for this shawl. I got it on the needles and I was loving the pattern and yarn, but I couldn't help but thinking of another project I thought the yarn would be so much better for. So I set it aside and picked up a skein of Cascade Heritage sock yarn.  I very rarely buy yarn without a plan and this yarn I had bought because I loved the color.  I figured for only $12.00 a skein of 437 yards I'd buy two and find something to make with it.  It has been sitting next to my computer waiting to be knit it.  I started the shawl over with this yarn on Saturday night and by Sunday at noon I was done with all the repeats from the chart and ready for the edging.  Talk about a pattern that flies off your needles. 

I am loving the rows of purling and knitting! Lace with rows of knitting sign me up any day.  I still have the other skein of yarn so I'm going to keep going until I run out of yarn.  I think this would be nice to be able to wrap around and around. We'll see.  But I did set it aside and picked up another project. Two projects at the same time. Yikes! That is so not me, but I really need some hand knits to wear in this warmer weather.  So I casted on a top.  I'll be picking away on the Shetland Triangle over the next week. But I'm not rushing it. It is such a joy to knit.
Ravelry notes- Shetland Triangle
Happy Knitting,


  1. Oooh... love the color. :)

  2. This is delicious! I love the color, and the pattern suits it perfectly!

  3. you're lucky we don't live closer, Andee ~ Kelli might come and swipe this blackberry beauty from you (she has a fondness for this color!)

    it's gorgeous!! and you're fast!

  4. Andee,my girlfriend!!!

    What's your address? With written directions please! Kidding~

    Yes when I saw this shawl it 'hit' a nerve, in my eye and sole, something about the dark purples?

    Mmmm, great job, and yes it does knit up fast.

    1. It is a great color, but a tricky one to photograph to get the color right. I think the on screen shot is really close to the actual thing. You can come visit any day! Heck you can even borrow the shawl. I share :)

    2. Ahhh gee thanks, yes it is a hard color to capture.

      My soul not sole :?

  5. Beautiful, and I too love the color.

  6. Great colour. Can't wait to see it blocked!

  7. Woot! I just looked at another lace shawlette of mine (I have a few!) and thought how quick the Shetland Triangle was by comparison. It must be the simplicity of the pattern. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  8. I've always enjoyed working with Cascade Heritage, I like the version with silk even better because of the shine. I'm glad that you are enjoying this project so much!

  9. What a pretty shawl--and I love that cascade fingering. In fact I made myself some fingerless gloves using that very yarn and very color last year! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment-I am greatly enjoying my visit here at your spot! I am from the northwest too--and am always pleased when I find a blog from my neck of the woods!