24 May 2013

Guest blogger Penny - question...

Hi guys and gals... I need some help.

I didn't do 11 rows of the fir cone lace repeat, because I was concerned about running out of yarn, so I knitted 10 and my numbers are different from the directions (at the end of each row). It's worked out fine, up until the lace edging.

Edging... I finished rows 7 & 8 and my count was what it should be. However, after knitting the 9th row I did not end up with increases. The count was the same as 7 & 8. I'm thinking I've done something wrong. I've traced each stitch to the end several times, and even re-knitted it twice. I still end up with no increases. I'm going crazy!!!

Have I made a mistake somewhere, or are there no increases for the next few rows? I notice I keep doing the same pattern on 9, 11, & 13.

I'm soooo close to being done, and excited to block it, because I bought Carolyn and I "real" blocking wires. In the past I've done it the hard way -- one pin at a time. Too laborious.

Thank you in advance for your input. I have a sinking feeling I'm going to be "un-knitting" again. Groan.

Update: 5/24

I'm done!!! Look how strange the colors look on these ABC blocks compared to the shawl before it was blocked. Of course, the photo was taken indoors at night. I'll post a proper picture when it is dry.

What an interesting experience -- this KAL. Thanks for your help and encouragement everyone.

Dave grumbled because I am supposed to be editing a children's book and not knitting, so I have promised him the book has priority. Better put the needles away, or be a closet knitter when he's not home. Tee hee!


  1. I wish I could help. I haven't done the edging yet. I am close though. Hopefully someone will have the answer for you.

    1. Thanks, Andee. Can't even count how many times I've had to undo-redo. Mostly had to do with forgetting a YO or finish slipping a stitch.

  2. You're correct; on the border there are no more increase after row 7. That's why the chart evens out there, instead of having the edges fanning out. Is it possible that you're using written directions? This is one moment when the chart is helpful for illustration.

    A way to double check shaping in a lace pattern is to look at your printed directions or chart and tally up increases and decreases in a particular row... for example, maybe in one column mark X's and in the other mark O's for decreases and increases respectively. (A double decrease gets two marks, remember.) If the increases and decreases tally up to being equal, there should be no change in stitch count. In the Shetland Triangle, during the body pattern, there is always four extra increases per RS row, creating that right angle shape.

    Sorry if my reply is too verbose! :)

    1. Thank you Willy. In the past, I've mostly followed written directions, but this time I could see it would be better to go by the charts. I knew uneven rows (RS) would increase by four, so the 9th threw me.

      You are awesome. Thanks for your tips and answering my question.