05 May 2013

I'm Back! ~ guest blogger Andee

I am so excited to be joining the May Day KAL!  I spent the weekend at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and look who I ran into Willy G & Jeff!

Do you like the bag I'm carrying? Lori made it. So she was kind of there with us. My sister Leanne was off at another booth so she missed the photo :(
I had such a good time meeting these guys they are so much fun. It was great to chat about yarn, patterns, and people in the KAL. I was totally shocked that I ran into them. In the small time we got to hang out I think 100 people complimented them on their hats. They were such a huge hit.
I came home from the festival with 6,110 yards of yarn and 24 oz of roving.  Oh and some books for me and toys for the kids.  Now can I figure out what to use for the shawl? I am thinking about spinning the purple roving to make the shawl.  Because apparently purple and spinning are the things to do these days.  So fingers crossed I can get this casted on soon.  I'm so glad to be back in the KAL!

I have more pictures from my trip on my blog.

Happy Knitting!


  1. welcome back!!!! check out her blog post for MDSW guys ~ it will make you want to be there next year :)

    I still haven't cast on...and someone is already finished I see ~ no stress...everyone may be finished by the time I get to this one ;)

  2. Oh fun picture! Looks like a great day. So glad you'll be around!!!

  3. what fun ! great pictures !

  4. It was great to meet you, Andee! The fair grounds are small enough that I'm surprised how many people we missed while we were there. I'm so glad you have eagle eyes, because I never would have picked you out of a crowd!

    Your stash looks so beautiful. Have fun with it, and I'm glad you'll be doing the KAL with us, heheheh! I totally support your purple/spinning notion for the KAL. :) You should see how much purple I walked away with this weekend...