21 January 2014

phase two ~ posted by Melissa

there were only going to be two batches but look what I received in the last two days
enough to warrant a third batch later, I think, since there are still more coming
you all blow me away...
thank you Miss Lightbeam for the thoughtfulness to include something for Alex's mom...
I know you already know how I feel about you :)

& will Alex ever be blown away, Mimi & Sean, when he opens his package of 'army guy'  stuff
you both blew me away (I know ~ a little repetitive but it's true) ~ thanks for your kindness and thank you for your service, Sean
mom asked for one hat...
we've answered with sixteen (16) so far with more on the way (I did wrap each one of your hats individually and put a tag that has your name and where you live on it so he knows how far and wide people care about him)
thank you thank you thank you
(just to update ~ mom still is unaware of what's been going on...she ended up at the doctors with one of Alex's siblings last week on the day I was supposed to see her...when it rains it pours ~ I will let you know when she and Alex finally get all your packages)


  1. Love.

    I'm glad the hats finally made it to you! What a crazy trip they had! Did you mark all the states where the hats went through unnecessary processing? Hahaha!

    1. now Oregon is one of the few states that a hat isn't coming from so I guess it's only fitting that they got to Washington and left again for a short stay in Portland before coming back again :)

      you were done first and I got yours weeks later...heh ~ doesn't seem fair! thanks, Will

  2. Amazing bunch of folks here. Just amazing. Brings tears to my eyes. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I hope to have one out in the mail soon!!!

  4. I think Alex and his family will be very surprised! And happy!