26 February 2013

Chart D repeat- Do I need it? - by guest blogger Leanne

I am finally FINALLY finally at the end of my first Chart D. I feel like this is big. Like, getting heavy on my lap, kind of big. I'm working with heavier yarn than most and size 7 needles.

It's squished on those circulars so hard to tell how big it is.
I don't think I need that second Chart D.
Plus, I'm ready to be done.

What are your thoughts? Should I go to E???



  1. I say, START CHART E!!! Size 7 needles...yours is going to be enormously luxurious, Leanne!!

  2. Go to E. It looks great and so soft.

  3. Hmmm...I am the dissenting voice here. I am using worsted and size 8 needles (I think). I wanted to quit after the first repeat, but I am glad I kept going through the second repeat. I am now on Chart E and it is flying along. I am halfway through it after a couple days. However if you are satisfied with the size, then just go to E. It looks gorgeous.

  4. Oh my gosh, is this Leaves of Grass? It's so lush and gorgeous, keep going, Chart E and beyond!

  5. oh leanne it is gorgeous no matter what you choose to do. i think you should go with e since you are leaning that way. my first log was on size 9 with worsted weight and was huge, but that was the plan. (you are going to LOVE chart e). (thank you for the very sweet comment on my post).

  6. just admiring, I have not advice :)