14 February 2013

feelin' the love & snail mail ~ posted by Melissa

Happy Valentine's Day!  As someone who really dislikes technology (I still own a 'flip phone', don't text and am not a member of Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media venues that seem to pop up on a daily basis), you can imagine how excited I get when I open the mailbox and it's full of unexpected surprises!  This week Kelli sent me a package that contained a very sweet valentine card and a cookbook that I can't wait to start using, I got a homemade valentine from my favorite 3 year old to his 'Auntie Lis', and Andee sent me a giant envelope (hehe!) that contained yarn swatches from Miss Babs, Tess' Designer Yarns and a yummy little bundle of her Leaves of Grass yarn from Beaverslide (Andee ~ I think I may be ordering some of that yarn for sure!). 
The flowers are from my husband (awwww) and the purple table covering (which as you can see could use a fresh blocking) is the only other circular shawl that I have made.  I panicked just as with Leaves, and knew that I would never wear this thing so it too got downsized and became home decor instead of a wardrobe accessory.  (You can see my project on Rav here ~ and what it looks like when it's freshly blocked).  I've completed 3/4 of the edging on Leaves, so hopefully in a week I'll have some finished photos to share.
Until then, I hope you're enjoying this day with someone special.  I can't wait til my husband gets home from work ~ I think he'll love the little gifts he's getting (handmade truffles from our local sweet shop Mukilteo Chocolate Company and tickets to see the Jet City Roller Derby in March).  Thanks to everyone that made this week a little extra special!  ~ Melissa


  1. Oh I'm so glad the yarn got to you. Those are some of my favorites! Your flowers are beautiful and you got some sweet Valentines. Have a great Valentines'.

  2. You're welcome for the book~ your flowers are beautiful~ I just heard a gal today at Madrona taking about how she loves Beaverslide,I going to have to check them out.

  3. happy valentine's day!! love the flowers and I remember making my shawl with you :)