06 February 2013

I'm so in Love .....guest blogger eileen

i am now to chart D.
and i am still so in love with this knit !
however i must admit i am a little envious of the KAL knitters that have already finished their leaves of grass shawl.
they are all so beautiful !

part of me wants this project completed now

and another part of me wants this to continue on all year long.

usually i get bored with a big knit such as this
but not with this one.
i know i will be making another, maybe 2 or 3 ...
one for each female in my family.


  1. Oh it looks beautiful! I know what you mean about wanting it done, but still enjoying the time you have knitting it. It is a win win.

  2. I am such a cheerleader for you on this, Eileen, since I know how hard you worked to get going...
    I can't wait to see how proud you are when it's finished, even if the fact that it's completed makes you just a tiny bit sad :)

    1. Oh thank you for your support. I am so trilled that I stuck with it in the beginning.......I'm in love with the shawl. And what I have learned about lace knitting ! Well worth the rough start and the tear or two.

  3. I can see why you love it so much it's grandly beautiful, such lucky family members! ~ Go Eileen!

  4. I'm loving the knit too! Keep on keeping on, and enjoy every second of this wonderful knit!

  5. Each and every one of these treasures is breathtaking!! I'm loving to see them!!

  6. I think I can understand your love, it is beautiful!! Just wait until blocking...oh my!!

  7. Drooling over your beautiful knit. The color choice is fantastic!

  8. eileen it's beautiful! your almost done!