24 February 2013

Honoring Hope ~ By guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

I have always known that the Universe gives you what you really need, exactly when you need it. So it comes as no surprise that I recently found a wonderful blog, Honoring Hope. In fact, I loved it so much that I named my comfort knit after it. I am gifting it to my Aunt this week, for her birthday. I hope it serves its purpose for her as well as it has for me.

Honoring Hope:  Ginkgo Shawlette in Be Sweet Bamboo.  The cup is just there because I love it.

Bittersweet:  Leaves of Grass in Jaggerspun wool & silk
Now that my hiatus is over, it's time to get back to my Leaves of Grass! I'm so excited to tackle the second repeat of Chart D, and then begin the edging. Right now, it's sort of disheartening to see my knit all jumbled up on a cable, it reminds me a bit of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, with crumpled wings that need to stretch before they soar. It will be awhile before I post again, but in the meantime here is my LoG, titled Bittersweet. More photos of both knits on my Ravelry Page.

Love to all, Kelly Lightbeam


  1. oh boy oh boy oh boy you're back on L. O. G., I will check out that site. Wishes for peace to your Aunt.

  2. I know, Eeeps! Let the leaves begin!

  3. welcome back, Kelly

    your gingko is lovely ~ hope it was a healing knit for you and also for your aunt

    and welcome back to Leaves ~ I've missed you!

  4. another Leaves....so pretty, even jumbled.....and gingko---lovely.