24 February 2013

Rounding the Bend ~ guest blogger Heather

After a brief hiatus, I picked up my Leaves of Grass blanket again a little over two weeks ago. I had stopped on Chart C when I discovered I still was on my first skein of yarn. It was disheartening. How could I be knitting so much and still not even be onto my second skein! A few pairs of mittens and a hat later I had renewed energy. I have been furiously knitting on my blanket, and last night I finished Chart D. I am now on the edging, and it is flying along. I won't make any claims, but I really hope to finish it this week. I am eager to see it off the circular needles in all its glory. I am not sure I can block it until we get home, but at least it will be done! (we are living in VA for six weeks, so I won't be back home until mid-March).


  1. Way to go Heather! Keep on keepin on,it's going to be wonderful~

  2. Look at you go! I'm about to start the second repeat of Chart D, Totally jealous that you are so far ;)

  3. I bet you do finish it this week!! lovely :)

  4. welcome back, Heather (although you haven't really been gone ~ I've been following your progress on your blog!)

    I know how excited you are with every chart e repeat falling off the needles behind you ~ it's amazing to see how much this project grows

    you don't really realize just how enormous a task this was until you see it in full bloom when it's off the needles! I can't wait to see yours finished!