07 January 2012

Are we there yet?

Nope not yet... not even half. To down size the needle for the lace section? I may add the gold sequence yarn? Lifeline? Will be testing to see what I want.

I'm loving this shawl, can't wait for this part.

Hope you are all well.


  1. good grief ~ you will be done long before I even get to the lace

    maybe when you wear yours to Madrona, I'll be inspired to finish mine ;)
    (thanks for putting the needles down long enough to share your progress!!)

  2. Looking good! I'm on a slower pace too, Mel! I'm past the halfway mark, but there's still a long way to go until I finish the square.

  3. Oh, and my 3 year-old has now taken my needles out of my 150+ rows three times now. I'm starting to get overprotective...and mighty grateful that I didn't use the slippery Baby Alpaca!

  4. yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least it's the garter section :)

    I've pulled needles out of lace knitting before and that can be a nightmare to get back on the needles!

  5. I know, right! I've pulled them out of lace too...That's what lifelines are for. Aptly named!

  6. My 14 year old is begging me take her and her friend shopping! All I want to do is stay home and work on my lace! Now I have to decide if I should take it with me? If I take it with, can I find a place to knit and sit and not mess up?

    It takes me about 45 min. to do 1 row of lace, and about 20 min. for the knit row.~that's if you don't mess up~

    loving it~


  7. Yeah, I'd say take it with. Teenagers can shop until they drop!

  8. Like a bridge over troubled waters...at the beginning of the lace section I knitted one row of my sparkly gold yarn, got to row 10 of the horseshoe lace and decided I did not like it, kept looking like of a lifeline I forgot to take out. So out it all came.

    I'm back to my square. Took some courage and swallowed pride, but I'm happy now. Back to picking up stitches A L L T H E W A Y A R O U N D again. No funny looking lifeline~ yeah!

  9. Uh-oh. Well, at least you're still way ahead of all of us! After putting in so much work, you'll want a FO that you're completely happy with. Good luck picking up all those stitches, again!