17 January 2012

Dear Kelli ~

Thanks for my very first teakettle (and yes, that's Churchmouse Yarn and Tea tea for those of you with really good eyes!)....

and also for my very first (and greatest ever!) tea cozy.  I'm enjoying a cup with a big spoon of some local wildflower honey while I sit and knit the rest of the day away.  You're awesome ;)      ~ Melissa

she also knit me the breadbasket liner that everything is sitting on ~ it's good to have friends ;)


  1. Oooooh you're so welcome, the words and pictures warm my heart~

    Hope your tea stayed warm and tasty,and you enjoyed your knitting even more.

    You're a great friend,


  2. I just polished off the last cup which was still warm....

    that beautiful lining you sewed inside made all the difference I think ~ when I took the cozy off the first time for a refill, the whole pot including the handle had heated up (!) and was almost too warm to pick up ;)

  3. Beautiful stuff! I hope you had a good knitting day!!!


  4. Good friends are treasures indeed! blessings ~ tanna

  5. You, girls, have turned this into the most beautiful blog out on the web. :) I love the pictures you're posting these days. Birds, snow (oh, snow!), tea, ginger zinger....I love it. it is so warm here. :)

  6. (And I love the mug! I'm a mug freak. I buy mugs almost on daily basis! :D )

  7. Maja ~ it's still snowing here! And the mug is even better than it looks ~ it actually has another piece...a porcelain tea strainer that sits inside it to hold loose tea if you just want to brew one cup ;)

    I've had it forever! Melissa

  8. Ah, I kn ow, I bought two cups with porcelain tea strainers a few days ago (didn't I tell you, I buy mugs all the time) but they aren't nearly as beautiful as this one. :)
    I should have thought it was old- they just don't make them this pretty any more.
    This one is so...English! :)