08 January 2012

oh, yeah, i'm supposed to write in this bloggy thing, aren't i?

so... progress has been slow. i had almost 100 stitches on the needles when, oops, the needle came out.

it was late at night and all attempts to salvage the stitches were just making it worse, so a little time out was called for.

today i decided to rip back to just below the booboo. i'm not smart enough to use lifelines (i like to knit dangerously), but at least i was smart enough to pick up the row of stitches below the whoops before i started ripping back.

it worked perfectly, and now i'm back on track to start the never ending garter stitches again.

seriously, what was i smoking when i said yes?

oh - and i'm using JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 i have on a cone as it was the only lace yarn i had enough yardage of. :)

~ jeff in pennsylvania 


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  2. Jeff in Penn ~ thanks for humoring us with a post and photos

    sorry to subject you to so much torture (and WillyG, wipe that look of horror from your face! it's not even you doing endless garter st!!!)

    you'll be glad you did it when it's finished and not JUST because it's finished, I hope ;)

    I love your 'mixed vegies' socks by the way!

  3. I do sing to myself sometimes the song from 'Finding Nemo'...just keep swimmimng, just keep swimming, just keep, just keep, just keep swimming...I think that's Dory's whole song. So just keep knitting,ect..

    Great choice of yarn.


  4. Ditto on that one Kelli! I've been in the same boat Jeff, and I just tinked down with a crochet hook to fix any boo-boos. It takes a little practice, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. (Although the more you have to do it, the more aggravated you get!)