10 January 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Blog...

Why hello everyone!  Yes, I am here, plugging along.

You know, last summer, my 15 year old son needed a new phone.  I did not need a new phone.  He ended up getting a smart phone, and somewhow, so did I.  A week later my husband got one.  An amazing little tool it is too.  Funny thing though, I now spend almost no time at all on the actual computer.  I read all my blogs and email on my phone.  It is fantastic as a gizmo for gathering information but it is very very lousy for the sharing of said information.  It is impossible to type more than a note on the thing, hence my absence from this blog.  (Rather scary to wistfully look back on typing a full length email or blog post in much the same way that I wistfully view the passing of the handwritten letter.)

Anyway, had I been present and actively blogging, I would have told you all about my excitement over the starting of the Bridgewater KAL and my purchasing of the exact yarn in the exact same color as the original pattern calls for while on a fabulous trip over to Churchmouse with a group of the most hilarious women ever.  I can drink all the fattening mochas I want when out with the knitwits because I work every calorie and more off laughing.

And I would have then told you about the Robin's Egg Blue yarn I found at Serial Knitters which I fell in love with (Isager as Kelli's is) but that they didn't have it in the wool, only in the alpaca and so I bought that and pulled my hair out trying to decide which yarn to use.

And then I would have told you about how I really wasn't in love with either choice, mostly because I rarely find myself wanting to wear gossamer weight shawls anymore, I prefer them to have a bit more weight and substance.

And then I would have told you about the lot of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the color "Well Water" that I found and was perfect for me for this KAL.  Angels singing in the background when I found it, the works...

And I would have told you about the pattern Flurry which has been on my list and would be perfect in the original Silky Alpaca yarn I had purchased at Churchmouse, doubled.  And I would have told you about my mad dash trying to find the receipt for the Isager Alpaca so I could return it (No luck yet, it must've gone out with the Christmas trash.)

And I would have told you aout how careful I was to cast-on New Year's Eve in pattern just to check gauge and to pointedly make my family watch me tear the whole gauge swatch out lest I be accused of jumping the gun on the KAL.

But I haven't been present and actively blogging.

I HAVE been actively knitting;  a sweater, Aeneas;  a scarf, Japanese Feather;  a poncho (yes, a poncho)Easy Folded Poncho; a fox stole, Mr. Fox; and of course Bridgewater.

And today I even dug out my really really crappy digital camera and took an even crappier picture of the work in progress.  I am on the downhill side of the center square, probably around row 212 or so.  The yarn is so much prettier than in the picture.  It is a clear icy blue that reminds me of the sound of a mountain stream just beginning to thaw, and have thus named this shawl "Just Before the Thaw."

Actually, my abysmal photography skills were the only thing about this KAL to which I was not looking forward.  I can learn to knit or I can learn to be a photographer.  And if I have to pick, well then...

A hearty thank you to the Girls for hosting this KAL.  I am already wondering what their next selection will be???  I also find it a bit unnerving that while my hands are physically knitting my current projects, my mind is racing ahead selecting and casting away future knits.  Precious little "joy in the moment" knitting for this knitter.  Curses on thee, Ravelry and all your tempatations!

And how goes it with you???


  1. whooshhhh~ and here she is!

    thanks for joining us in print, Morgen, although it sounds like you've been MORE than participating all along ;)

    wonderful post and we enjoyed you going to Churchmouse with us last month just as much as you seem to have enjoyed one of our insane excursions!

    .....ps.....a little churchmouse told me that we are planning another trip to the Island for an upcoming special occassion.....hmmmmmm ;)

    can you stand us one more time?!?!

  2. Morgen....I've decided I like your blog posts so much you'll always be an author on the blog if you ever want to pop and say hi and let everyone know what fun things you're up to!


  3. Oh I just lOVE laughing so hard that it becomes an exercise! What a fun bunch of friends!!

    Looks like you've got some wonderful projects in the works.

  4. What beautiful yarn you've chosen! I've seen it in person and it's delicious!