21 January 2012

It's A Square!

Well, just finished the center square moments ago.  I took a photo with my cellphone, but it isn't uploading correctly so this post will be sans picture.

I am a little frustrated that my decrease half seems to be knit in a larger gauge than the increase half.  I toyed with tearing it out and redoing it, but I am convinced that it is a result not so much of my knitting but rather a result of the weight of the shawl and the constant turning round and round row to row that makes the gauge seem wonky.  I have a feeling that once the edgings are added and it is blocked that it won't be an issue, so I have decided to leave it as is.

Hope all is well with all of you!



  1. I'm working on my decreases right now and was just wondering if the 2 halves will be exactly the same size (I'm thinking not)

    I bet you're right and it can be blocked out perfectly....yeah for you being ready for some LACE!!


  2. Way to go Morgen. I think you're right about blocking. It'll block out fine. Excited about lacing? It's an easy knit, just a whole lot of it.