29 January 2012

Geometry and knitting

I had a Spirograph when I was a kid that I would spend hours with making all these intricate symmetrical designs.  I think that's what I love about lace.  What do you see when you look at designs by Herbert Niebling?  I see such beauty in the minute detailed repetitive order of everything that his brilliant mind came up with.  And I see the same beauty in even the simplest symmetry, like my cake of Madelinetosh 'cove' caving into itself as more and more of it disappears into my Bridgewater.

I so love every part of knitting ~ from planning to completion ~ but especially the transformation of your fiber as you select it, wind it, knit it and block it, and all the different forms it takes during each step of the creative process.  I might be a faster knitter if I wasn't so darn distracted with every little thing that happens along the way!

If you had to pick one thing, what is your favorite part of a project?  Is it the planning?  Is it casting on that first stitch?  Or maybe wearing your finished piece?  What a wonderful craft we all are lucky enough to have discovered and come to love.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and I can't wait to see the first finished Bridgewater!  I'm feeling like it's only a matter of days before there's a FO posted.....and I'm anxiously awaiting it!

~ Melissa


  1. Well I must say I lost some steam cause I was so far ahead, but now I know your anxious I'm a bit more motivated to kick in~ I'm a little over 1/2 of the second side with good steam to carry me. I'm not working tomorrow, I get to go to the LYS meeting tuesday, should be fun. Don't work till friday, so I'll keep on truckin, but I don't know maybe somebody else will post it done. Can't wait to see all'em.

  2. Really love this yarn. I do see the kalidescope pattern for sure. Cool.

    What is my fav part of a project? Hmmm... probably when I get to the part when I can first see the pattern in it after a few rotations, or that it's looking like something.

  3. LOVE the spirograph analogy, it applies here!

    I love the designing, the planning, the knitting and finally, the picture taking. The only part I hate is the frogging.

    I detest having to rip out and start over. Feels like an interruption in my creative process.

    I do wear the frog pond princess crown too often these days. PERFECTIONISM is a hindrance. :GRIN:

  4. I am a yarn hoarder, so I always have to find projects around my yardage. My favorite part is just the knitting...the repetitive motion calms me and gets me into that zen space. Then seeing the pattern unfurl is so satisfying as well.


  5. I'm loving hearing everyone's thoughts! Thanks for sharing...this is fun :)