30 January 2012

Hip to be Square

Ok, this may be the last time you hear from me for days and days (I know, promises, promises) so I thought I'd show you my finished center square before I go pick up 700+ stitches for the lace border.  I do love Madelinetosh Prairie lace weight in garter ~ it makes such a warm, squishy fabric that's hard to stop fondling.  I even made my husband grab a handful and give it a good squeeze so he could feel it.  My increase sides each measure about 23 1/2" and my decrease sides measure 25", this despite the fact that I made a good effort of never having any unsupported weight hanging from my needles on the downside and distorting/stretching my stitches.  I'm sure I'll get it to even out in the blocking process, but it is definitely a poser why the same number of rows on each side of center would have that much of a size discrepancy.  Hmmmmm ~ I've got lots and lots of time to try and figure it out in the next couple hours while I'm getting all those hundreds of new stitches on the needles for my first lace chart....and a color change!    ~ Melissa


  1. Beautiful work and have fun putting on all those pesky stitches :)

  2. Wonderful photos, I want to squish it too!

  3. oh, it does look so squishy! Love it!
    The shawls will certainly even up in the blocking process, it' a very soft fabric. but I'm not surprised it looks uneven now- decreases and increases create different tension! When I first saw the pattern I thought that it should have been a normal square knit from one side to the other rather than diagonally. But the diagonal ribs will certainly give it some extra charm in the end.

  4. ok, we are not on speaking terms anymore. i thought you were waiting on me to catch up? but then i see you are DONE with your center square? i'm severly disappointed with you. :)

    i'm hoping to be there this weekend... only 134 more rows to go!

  5. Maja ~ the diagonal center is one of the things I love about this pattern (and of course the lace!)

    and, Jeffry, your disappointment has squashed me like a bug ;)

    knit faster, man!

  6. This is SO beautiful! Classic and yet very up-to-date.