17 January 2012

Snow Day

Home from work (with permission) ~ love when it's the bosses idea and not just mine.  It's a wintry, whitewashed, peacefully quiet world today....and it's the calm before tomorrow's storm!!!

It's still coming down pretty hard, too.  Crazy beautiful.    ~ Melissa


  1. Yay! Snow! I hope you have a nice day with electricity :)

  2. snow day #2 and looks like maybe #3 tomorrow ~ it's STILL snowing and, yes, the electricty is on ;)

    and the best part, hubby got an official snow day today also so we're cozied up together

    that's the best!

  3. Glad your both home warm and cozy. Same is going on down here. L Trudy

  4. So beautiful! Your heavy wet snow is hard to live with (downed power lines, slippery roads), but it sure is purty!