07 January 2012


Even though I'm slowly trudging along on the garter section (130 stitches on the needles and still increasing....slow slow slow):
my Bridgewater is evolving from my first vision, and then my second grand plan, to now my third and I think final idea.  I'm still going with the 2 color version I recently came up with:
That's Madelinetosh 'Cove' for my garter section on the left and 'French Grey' on the right for the lace.  I think I may have mentioned somewhere that this 'grey' that I got from Knit Purl in Portland is most definitely a pretty shade of brown.  I was worried that this one skein was not going to be enough for the entire lace section so I ordered another skein from Jimmy Bean and what do you know, the 'French Grey' that came is absolutely a shade of grey.  And instead of freaking out that the 2 batches of madtosh are not even remotely similar in color, I'm so excited!  I've decided that the brown (grey) will be the largest first section of lace and then I'm going to use the grey (grey) for the final lace chart.  I see both colors in the multi-colored 'cove' so the major difference in dyes is a wonderful misfortune I do believe. 
Now if only I could get to the lace sections.......sigh (happy sigh but sigh all the same!).  ~ Melissa


  1. Oooh, I'm liking this form of evolution! How often do you girls get to Portland? I was there this summer, and we hit up Knit Purl, Dublin Bay Yarn co, and one farther out from the city called Twisted. I liked Knit Purl the best, but Twisted was a close second - Their drop spindles were uber-fab. I should have gotten one even though I don't have any plans to use it...just too cool!

  2. Portland is so much fun! We've only been once but eventually will probably get back down there.

    too bad we didn't know you were there...we could have taken the train down and met up with you for the day!

    Maybe next time! Melissa

  3. I am absolutely going back to Portland! (I just don't know when) What a great city. How funny that we were at all the same shops! I wanted to get to UFA, but there wasn't time. I will definitely let you know when I'm in town, because it would be so fun to meet you two in person!!!

  4. sweet! it's a tentative date then ;)


  5. That thing is going to be gorgeous!! I love the 'glitch' is turning to a master plan!! I cannot wait to see the finished shawl. blessings ~ Tanna

  6. Thanks, Tanna! happy weekend ;)

  7. ssssloooooooowwwww

    chores Sat - all day Christmas celebration at my sister's on Sun (yeah ~ the holidays are officially over!) and a screaming headache all day yesterday so I'm lagging far behind you guys

    still not even to the decreases on the garter square....I think I have 40 more rows to go

  8. Bummer, about not having time to 'lace'.

    No more headaches! New rule.

    No hurry,I'm just excited to see your trio come to life!

    I'm better now that the gold is gone. I'm back where I was and then some after starting over. And it is easier to pick up 153 stitches each side the second time~ha.

    Hope you're having a good night.