15 January 2012

Building a Bridgewater

At last, I'm finished with the Bridgewater square!  I feel like throwing a party or something!  The first half went very quickly, and the second half took twice as long.  I was sustained with healthy doses of Ginger Zinger, and it was a happy, happy knit.  I was able to use my Brittany straights throughout, which is a rare thing for me.  I'm quite taken with them, and they're a joy to knit with.  So light!  So smooth!  (except for the one that has bite marks on it from a certain little someone.) 

Naturally, I ran out of yarn on my first skein with 50 rows to go.  The new yarn isn't quite the same color, but I'm trying to live with it.  I have a backup plan to dye the lighter portion with chamomile tea, but I'm saving that for another day.  Although, I really hope that it won't come to that!  Any advice would be appreciated.

I've decided to go down a needle size for the lace section, but I'm taking a little break first to finish up some other projects, read a book, rest my hands, etc.  Hope you are all enjoying this as much as I am!

Happy Knitting!


  1. great job, Kelly

    what was the yardage on your first skein? I'm worried that I won't have enough of my cove to finish the square ~ another time I wished I owned a scale

    guess what I ordered from knitpicks yesterday.....


  2. I had approximately 630 yards in the first skein. I'm always pushing it too! Though I do like to destash, so I kind of have to choose my projects around the yardage I have.

  3. thank, Kelly

    I'm going to be ok (pretty sure)

    whew! Melissa

  4. Kelly, your Bridgewater is looking lovely, too!! I'm lovin' both yours and Melissa's!! Great job. Sorry, I have no great tidbits with the color differences. =( blessings ~ tanna

  5. Thank you Tanna! I am probably the only one who will ever notice it, so I'm not too worried ;)

  6. Great picture, Way to go, it's going to be fabulous.

  7. This picture looks so warm! :)
    I'm glad to see your shawls are progressing!

    As for the colour- it happened to me as well when i was working on my Leaf and Acorn shawl (by SK Kozinski). The yarn is in apple green and I could not think of a single way to affect correct the mistake. Apparently, the extra skein that i had to buy had been sitting in the shop window for just a bit too long and it went pale-ish. It wasn't a complete disaster but the shade was somewhat different. i worked in the evening and was only able to notice it when the shawl was already finished.
    If of any comfort- absolutely no one ever noticed it. Except me, of course.

  8. Kelli - It's coming along! I'm liking the lace part.

    zMaja - Thanks! It's nice to know that I'm the only one who will be irritated by the color difference. I may just have to knit another one to get over it! Hahahaha