13 January 2011

Amazing Lace~

Wowzie, loving knitting this. Had had had to block it last night. I'm on day 14.

Using this 2 ply lace weight is new for me. I really like the fabric it knits up. Since I'm limited on beads, I'm just beading the first and last six days. The weight it gives to the bottom of the scarf is great.

It reminds me of a ribbon.

It's my best piece yet. Seems I get a little better at this 'knitting thing' every year...go figure.

Day 6 and day 10 are my favorites so far. I get excited when a new day comes. Yesterday I got to sit in my sweats and knit all day. My husband would smile cause I was smiling, when I flipped to the next day of the pattern, and announced(as if the world was waiting with anticipation) which day I would be knitting next.

Oh I wish I could 'sweats and knit' all day today, but I'm off to work. I bring my scarf with me to show customers my progress and try to encourage them to try lace.



  1. I was smiling because you never cease to amaze me.

  2. Lovely work! Your blocking makes me excited to see mine blocked :) Great idea about the beads at the ends of the scarf.

  3. it's lovely ~ Jas keeps asking me 'what day are you on?' I'm still on day 14 - the scarf is officially on hold til after Portland!!! ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh Kelli, it's beautiful!!

    I have a few pics to post, but I am now lagging behind. I finished Day 12 and the spacer, but put down the scarf to answer the siren call of a new project, just for today...I had another project in mind to take on the train and wanted to get it started (it's a double knit and I have been eeking out lace scarf time to try and relearn the technique). Tomorrow I should be back to the lace scarf and will try and catch up!

  5. That should be eking, I think, not eeking. Hmmm...

  6. Kelli, That scarf is beautiful. You are such a fearless knitter and I admire that about you very much. We missed you yesterday, it was a small, but happy, group. Have a wonderful time this weekend. Maybe I can join the fun next year. Hugs, Andrea