30 January 2011

The Knitting Attic ~ Part II

Primed and ready for paint!

Rice Paper
Remember the attic before I started?  I finished the primer last weekend and just finished painting the ceiling and the sloped part of the walls with Martha Stewart's 'Rice Paper' ~ it's a creamy, egg custard looking color ~ I love it!  Makes me hungry for a Chocolate Eclair...

Not sure if I'll need a second coat or not since the paint went on really thick.  I'll have to see once it's dry...

Went to IKEA yesterday to look for cabinets for the room.  I thought we had a great plan by showing up 10 minutes before they opened so that we could be in and out before it got crowded.  No such luck.  I have to say that although I did find what I needed for an exceptional price, that store is like hell on earth for me.  I know they give you a map but, dang, to try and find something a second time is ridiculously hard.  The crowds weren't sooo bad, other than the families who truly believe that it takes a village and let their little (and I mean preschool age little!) children run unattended through the maze with their little IKEA shopping carts and expect that you will not accidentally plow over them while you are wheeling a cart loaded with so much junk that you can't see in front of you.  We left there at noon, having found everything we needed but completely stressed and vowing never to return.  I rarely complain, but that was not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning.

Hate to end a post on a negative note, so I'll share what cabinets I picked out!  We bought 2 Alve Cabinets with Doors to place side by side, and they will almost fill up an entire wall, with room on top to put baskets or pictures or random knitting paraphernalia...

Who wants to come hang out and knit with me when my room is put together?  I can't wait ;)


  1. I would love to come and hang out but after all the work is over ;) I agree with the little ones running around without parents-dangerous!

  2. I would absolutely LOVE to come hang out and knit with you when its together -what fun! And I'll bring Chocolate Eclairs!

  3. Karen, maybe I should have a video conferencing corner dedicated especially to you so we can knit cross-country!

    And Tamra, you are always welcome to come and knit, and if you bring chocolate eclairs (I am guessing you know how to make them from scratch with your superior prowress in the kitchen!), you will be at the top of my guest list!

  4. I would be honored to come and knit with you.
    Your room is going to be wonderful I'm sure.
    Your shopping trip sounds less than fun...(:
    Hope your painting is going well , sure you
    are anxious to get it done.

  5. Ooh! Beautiful Melissa! Nicely done!

  6. Count me in - it looks great, Melissa. I can't wait for the after pictures.