05 January 2011

Chugging along.....

Day IV

Day V

Day VI
Day 6 ~ Usually I love a more compact vs. spiderwebby lace but I think this would definitely look interesting on larger needles. I love this stitch ~ wish I knew if there was a name for this lace pattern ~ it's given me an idea for a project I may put together once I put more thought into it.....

I'll try and get better pics in the daylight but it will have to wait since the sun only shines when I'm at work these days.....


  1. Well, I had been a day ahead, and was just finishing up the beaded spacer between day 6 and 7 last night when I saw a huge mistake back toward the beginning of day 6, so big I have no idea how I missed it. I valiantly tried to drop stitiches down and fix it, but the tension just didn't match up. So I frogged and have just finished Day 6 again, and hope to work on Day 7 this evening. I want to catch up to being a day ahead, if that makes any sense. Will post more pictures this evening on ravelry. (My ravatar is "acoldwintersnight."

  2. I'm trying to keep just a little ahead also since by the end I'm always behind with work and life happening at the same time. I've been following your progress on Rav but like I said, if you change your mind, your still welcome to post on the blog....just let me know! Bummer about the goof ~ now I better go look a little closer at my finished work to make sure I didn't have the same problem. Can't wait to see your progress, Morgen!