25 January 2011

A New Scarf For 2011

Guess who's wearing their new scarf to work... don't you just love when you've put all the work into something like this and nobody notices. I'll find out today.
I love it. That's what matters.
Now I can't wait to knit with big yarn and big needles.
Melissa, this scarf might not even be here without you.~Thanks


  1. There is NO WAY you could wear this scarf somewhere and it not be noticed -it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. It looks wonderful, Kel ~ but you should thank Andrea ~ she chose this for the kal (I was rooting for Jared Flood's Celes but it seemed like you wanted to do another sampler). Funny, since she decided not to join us after all ;) ~ maybe we can do another kal later in the year with that pattern!?!?! Whaddya say, sister?

  3. Beautiful job, Kelli! I hate that I didn't KAL with you guys, but I've got 2 big projects in the works and I just can't see how I would have fit in another one (and get them ALL done in a timely fashion.) We'll do it again soon, I hope!