10 January 2011

Extended forecast...

Calls for snow tonight and tomorrow ~ the way things shut down altogether around Seattle when we get this type of weather, I may end up with an extra day off work and another day to knit.  Hopefully if we do get anything significant it has come and gone by Saturday morning so our train trip to Portland isn't cancelled.  There will be 200+ very very sad knitters if that happens.....

I'm halfway done with my shawl ~ it's my favorite of all 4 lace samplers that I've done.  Lots of new patterns and a few new stitches, and I love it when I learn something new.  Morgen should be blogging along with us soon ~ her invite has been sent so I'm expecting to see some progress photos from her and she can share more of her great tips!  Karen is plugging along also and has posted some photo updates on her blog that you can check out here.  And Kelli, we haven't seen or heard from you lately but knowing you that means you're on a mission and probably close to finished already.  Am I right? ;)


Day XI

Day X


  1. I swear your knitting needles have sparks coming off of them (unless they are wooden). You are one mighty fast knitter! Your scarf is lovely.

  2. Addi turbo lace ~ I hate the metallic smell they leave on my hands but there's nothing like them for nupps!

    I'm not knittnig anything else right now, Karen ~ your son is getting an awesome sweater at the same time so it's all relative! Yours is looking great, too!

  3. You are amazing and I am in complete awe of your knitting skills! This looks absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see it finished. I'm hoping the snow holds off for skg tonight. See you there?

  4. Your knitting is lovely. I'm on day 12 right now. I'm home for today, back to work tomorrow. I've been working way too much, but more money for our yarn trip! Seems the snow scare is gone?