08 January 2011


That was an amazing game ~ 'NFL's biggest postseason upset ever' ~ yup, that's what they're saying.  The buzz here all week has been so positive and I guess we all had some sense that even though they stunk it up this season, they're rebuilding right now and things could click anytime.  Definitely the most fun game all year!

On the knitting front, I managed to finish Day 9 without messing up ~ my attention was a little divided today!  Day 7 & 9 look similar in the photos but the patterns are different.  Almost to the halfway point!

errata day 10 - the spacer section has you increase to 87 stitches (which is what I did) - I then counted the first row of the chart & the math doesn't work - I'm adding 2 extra k stitches at the beginning of every right side row after the edge stitches (so right side rows 1 thru 13 will start with k9 instead of k7 before the repeat section, and right side rows 15 thru 27 will be k2 & then the repeat section) - now to go see if my math works this way!  If you look at the written instructions, it looks like that's what was intended anyway.

Day IX




  1. It was a good game! The scarf is looking mighty pretty, do you like the madelinetosh lace???

  2. Melissa!

    That yarn is beyond gorgeous! It is the perfect color to work with at this time of year, soft but with a splash of color!

    I am wondering if you were looking at a different day's spacer section? My Day 10 spacer section has you end up with 85 stitches. (I only know this because apparently I can't count to 85 correctly myself...)

    My scarf has been slow going with me tinking or frogging at least once each section. I should know by now that lace is not necessarily the best TV knitting. I would probably knit lace just fine if I was in a hermetically sealed container with no dogs or people around. Actually, I'd probably do just about everything better in a hermetically sealed container with no dogs or people around!

    I am loving the color of my yarn; not sure of the fiber yet. I am not a big fan of non-natural fibers. And this sucker is gonna be big. Well, long. I am starting to look at it as a possible mantle scarf.

    Lots of knitting tonight. We have season tickets to the Washington Stealth (I go for the knitting time!)

    I am really enjoying this project!


    p.s. Sure, go ahead and make me a temporary guest of the blog if it's not a big deal. I just didn't want to create more work for you...

  3. I rechecked my day 10 ~ nope, my copy definitely says 'decrease 1 stitch in row 1 and then increase 1 stitch in row 8 (87 st)' ~ and the written instructions of the chart say 'k9' instead of the charted 'k7' ~ I printed my hard copy the day the pattern piece was posted so maybe it was corrected at some point before you printed your copy

    I am loving the yarn ~ my house feels like an hermetically sealed container alot of the time (no kids, hubby has Hawks season tickets and my dog sleeps in my lap while I knit ~ all 62 lbs of him! ~ so it was quite and cozy yesterday other than all the yelling I was doing during the football game!)

    I pm'd you on Rav about getting you up as a guest blogger ~ glad you're going to play along ;)