21 January 2011

Half light ~

I feel like the sun is impatiently waiting to burst through this never ending cloudiness and ground saturating rain.  We have huge lakes of standing water in our backyard that Dozer is a little too interested in and it's a constant battle to get him unmuddied when he comes in from stomping in the puddles.  Aside from that, the dreary atmosphere is not the best for great photos but I'll share my newest completed days on the kal shawl.  It really is the same yarn ~ it appears amber (beautiful) in these pics but it's still the same 'rose' yarn I've been slowly knitting away at.
Day XV


I am enthralled with day 15 ~ it proved to be quite the concentration knit.  I'm getting much better at reading my lace instead of counting stitches to keep on track, but I just couldn't see any rhyme or reason do this day until I was close to finished.  But, boy, when I finally got what was going on, I love it!!!  I really do find the more complicated a pattern is to knit up, the more I'm impressed and pleased with what I see at the end.

So, I'm slowly plugging away at this kal and also working on my gift for a friend project so I won't finish either of them quickly, but they'll both get done eventually.  Tomorrow should prove to be a fairly knitless day (sigh) since I'm planning on getting my knitting attic primed and ready to paint.  Very exciting!  Now, to buckle down and pick a paint color....decisions, decisions......

Errata - Spacer section between day 15 & 16  ~ I think the error may have been corrected in copies of the pattern that were downloaded later on in the month of December, but I downloaded mine daily as the pieces were released so I've been finding some errors that may not be on everyone else's copies.  My download for 'Day 16 Spacer Section' said to increase ONE stitch in the first row for a total of 86st, and then decrease THREE stitches evenly on row 8 for a total of 83st.  Row one was easy to figure out since day 15 ended with 83 stitches, so you actually INCREASE 3 STITCHES EVENLY IN ROW 1 (for a total of 86 stitches).  Row 8 was a little more difficult since I had to work backwards from the chart til I got the math correct.  Instead of decreasing by 3st, INCREASE 2 STITCHES EVENLY IN ROW 8 (for a total of 88st).  I have no idea if this will help anybody but I thought I'd share anyway ;)


  1. Your kal shawl knitting looks lovely. The PNW rains, mud and half light we have this time of year -Blah! Deciding on a color for your knitting room, on the other hand, sounds quite cheerful. Have fun!

  2. Your shawl is looking lovely. I myself skipped a couple of fussy days.
    Hopefully we'll have some sun soon.

    I hope to post pics soon of my shawl:).

  3. which days did you find fussy? just curious...

    I just started day 18 ~ slow going but getting closer to the end ~ I think I may run out of yarn since my ball is the size of a large meatball right now (Tamra, you should appreciate that!) and I still have 5 1/2 days left to do ~ I've always just eeked by before when I thought I'd run out so maybe the same will hold true this knit ;)