30 January 2011

Worthy of a Second Post

Thank you, JR, for a brilliant idea!  Fantastic way to end a great weekend and a good use of some of our blackberry jam!  I never post twice in one day but I had to make an exception.  You rock, brother ;)

Girls in Sheep Clothing Blackberry Milkshakes

1/4 c 2% milk

Blend together until well mixed and then share with a loved one ~ makes enough for two ;)
It's yummy!!!


  1. That only works if you have any of the awesome jam left (Kelli gifted me some at Christmas)!

  2. if I still have some left the next time I see you Andrea, I'll try to remember to bring you a jar!

  3. I am the one doing the thanking that jam makes a killer milkshake

  4. I forgot to add....so I'm standing on a stepstool trying to take a picture of the inside of the blender (just for you!) and Jas wondered out loud what I was doing and asked if I saw the Virgin Mary in the milkshake....

    funny, funny guy, your brother is ;)

  5. Looks really good! Great pictures. ~A little bit of summertime, that's part of why I like making jam.

  6. what shall we make this year!? I'm already excited and looking forward to it and it's months away....what's in season first that we can can (can you cancan? ~ I can cancan and do a mean hula ;P ......)