29 January 2011


I have been racing on this scarf/shawl/circus tent which, of course, is a mistake. The faster I try to go, the more mistakes I make and the more tinking/frogging I need to do to recover. I should know this by now. Methinks I've been working a bit too much on it. I bolted awake early this morning from a bad dream in which I was pinning out the shawl to take pictures of the days I haven't yet photographed and saw a dropped stitch about 2 feet down that I had some how made up by adding an extra stitch somewhere along the way. Day 20 just about killed me; that day when you make 9 stitches out of three...

I am currently 1/2 way through Day 21 and am determined to have this finished and on the blocking board on Tuesday.

Then will begin the difficult search for an elephant with a sense of style who is in need of a hand-knit scarf...


  1. Morgen ~ you are funny!! I am 1/2 way through day 20 (don't ask how many hours I've spent on it!) ~ those 3/9 stitches are painstakingly slow but I love them and they are worth the extra time and effort! No nightmares for me (yet)but I'm not done so there's still time.

    Where does one find an elephant with a sense of style?!?!

    Thanks for updating us on your progress ~ sounds like you're in the homestretch!

  2. Yeah I agree with the nine stitches out of three stitches, not much fun :)

  3. Try the Laminaria shawl, the 3-into-9 motif is about 2/3 of the shawl. Sheesh! It is a beauty, though.


  4. Andrea ~ I love the 3/9 stitch ~ there's nothing like it that I've knit so far....and I love your Laminaria (I know I've told you that everytime I've seen it but it's one of the most amazing knits I've seen up close and personal and I know all the hard work that went into it!)

  5. Morgen ~ I found one!