31 January 2011

In the homestretch...


Day XX
Three more days left to go ~ I think I have just enough yarn but may have to skip day 23 anyway since the chart appears incorrect and I only downloaded the charts and not the written instructions for this kal.  I think Kelli and Karen both skipped the day but Morgan, if you did do day 23 and figured out what the errors are I would love to know!

I wasn't liking day 19 at all, until it was completed and then I decided it was lovely.  Day 20 took me quite a few hours over three days to do ~ the 3/9 stitches are slow going but I managed to get it done error free and love (LOVE!) this day!  I did find a few small mistakes in this batch of patterns which I'll list at the end of this post even though I think I'm the only person left doing this scarf!

If it will help anyone, here are the stitch counts at the end of each row for day 20~ Row 1 [104st], Row 3 [123st], Row 5 [86st], Row 7 [104st], Row 9 [123st] & Row 11 [86st]

It looks like I'll meet my goal of having this beauty finished and blocked so that I can wear her on Valentine's Day ;)

Errata Day 20:  In the spacer section it says to decrease 2 stitches on row 8 before starting the chart ~ DON'T!  You need 86 stitches for this day's chart so don't do any decreases before moving on!

Errata Day 21:  In the charted instructions it says on all wrong side rows to 'knit all knit stitches and purl all purl stitches' ~ there are no knit stitches to knit so you purl every stitch between your edge stitch markers.


  1. Oh, Melissa...your scarf is SO beautiful. It really makes me wish that Ihad used laceweight yarn afterall.

    Day 23. Ha! I fought with that one and THEN went to check for errata and sure enough...

    line 5 the first bit should be k1,yo,k2togtbl,yo,k2togtbl.

    Line 19 the first bit should be k1,k2tog,yo,k2tog yo.
    The Repeat also has an error.
    k1,yo,k2tog tbl ,yo,k2tog tbl, k1,,k2tog,yo,k2tog not k1 yo.

    Line 25 the last bit should be k1,k2tog,yo,k3

    Line 27 The nupp’s are probably not necessary as they are not in the “lozenge/Diamond”.
    I’m going to omit them on this line

    I hope this helps!


  2. OOOOH I do like 3/9, day 20? Great job. Are you bringing it next week? Will love seeing it.

  3. yup, day 20 ~ you should see them once they're blocked! I think it may be my favorite stitch right now! You need to try it ;)

    I should have mine finished and blocked by Monday, I only have a wee tiny meatball of a ball of yarn left for the last 2 days so I don't think I'll be able to complete it as written ~ boohoo ~ you know how that tears at my heart! I'd love to see your vest ;)