05 January 2011

My Calender Scarf 2011

Yummy yarn and pattern. It's Dawn yarn. Loving the silk/wool,2ply,on size 2 needles, and the sweet creamy seed beads are adding an extra touch.
My husband makes blackberry milkshakes,from our homemade 'high fiber blackberry jam' Melissa and I made this summer. (High fiber cause we didn't strain any seeds.) While I knit on my scarf at night. It's a fun KAL, and the small group motivates me to get it done.
Will post more pictures as I go. Happy New Year.



  1. Cool picture babe and the blackberry Jam Rocks in a milkshake.

  2. Looks fabulous! I am just starting clue three. I have been slow going.

  3. looks beautiful ~ you must have bought tons of beads! and now I need to try a blackberry jam milkshake....me and my big butt say thanks, thanks alot ;)

  4. Kelli,

    It's beautiful!! I am a bead newbie, and haven't had the courage to stray from the pattern directions on bead placement. You obviously have a wonderful eye for doing so and I envy you!

    While I think I have a couple of skeins of Dawn yarn in my stash, I have never actually used it before. After seeing yours, I am definitely going to have to bump it up the list on my queue.

    I am amused that all of us doing this KAL seem to prefer a tighter knit lace. I can't imagine the gargantuan size of mine had I chosen a larger needle.

    I can hardly wait to see more if your pictures!

  5. Morgen ~ did you see the first KAL shawl we did together when we talked at the guild meeting? It was a salmon color ~ I'd not done lace before, the scarf was wider and longer than the one we're doing now and I bought SOCK yarn that was definitely a heavier fingering weight....my scarf if ENORMOUS!!!!! I had fun afterwards figuring out all the things I could use it for since it was so big: a tarp, the red carpet at the next Oscar ceremony, my funeral shroud (I could be wrapped and mummified in it it's that long), a hammock.....you get my point