09 January 2015

fog ~ Melissa


A much needed day off and woke with a headache and the sniffles.  Good excuse to hunker down and do nothing.  Well, nothing but knit and watch the fog over Puget Sound, listen to the ferry bleat it's warning as it travels from Mukilteo to Clinton on Whidbey Island and back again, and warm myself with some good strong coffee.  Not a bad way to start a four day weekend, even if I'm not feeling 100%.
Progress has been a little slower now that the long holiday break is over and I'm back to work but my Girasole grows a bit more every day...and gets that much harder to photograph.

I've got loads of knitting time this weekend so maybe I can get to the edging in the next few days?  We shall see :)

I'm not in any hurry.  I've already decided I may make another of these blankets for a gift this year, just to have the opportunity to knit it again.  I'm loving the Peace Fleece and the pattern and especially all the companionship during this knitalong.  It's been so much fun already and we've just barely started!
That's it for today.  Don't forget to get any last minute gnome names submitted ~ Kelly will be closing the voting down shortly!
Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That green is just beautiful. I am going to start over on my Ashby with a lighter color. Just not enough light to knit with dark yarn these days

    1. I think I'm knitting Ashby next :) ~ what yarn will you use now?

    2. I switched to a blue Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Almost through the first chart and it is much easier on my eyes. The texture shows up well on the lighter yarn too.

  2. good golly are you a fast knitter or what? I think I see a blanket already :) Hope your sniffles go away and you feel perfectly healthy!!