31 January 2015

Still here, still knitting... and not - by WillyG

I had a secret project to work on, so Ludlow had to take a back seat for a bit. Now that the SP is done, I have returned to Ludlow...well, some of the time.  Last night I lost several hours of work when I realized that I had worked the most recent section in seed stitch, instead of the moss stitch in the pattern.

As you can see, I'm back on track now. There's something about the self-imposed restraint to basic knit-purl combinations that intrigues me about this knit. It's a stretch for me, but in a good way. It's like giving a child a toy that is simple and restrained; it fires up the imagination, instead of dulling it with flashy gizmos.

Working on this scarf this morning took me back to a swatch that I did about a year ago for a personal design I've been dreaming up. Eager to take that design to the next level, I decided to put down Ludlow and try to find an appropriate yarn. I found something that might work, but it was the wrong color. I ran with the sidetrack to figure out how to overdye the yarn; it's cooking on the stove as I write. So the takeaway is that Ludlow's going to be taking me a while. If you're feeling slow, don't worry. Slow is good; you're in good company.


  1. wow, Will ~ your stitches are really popping well! it's looking amazing!

  2. Will, we are on about the same track. Glad to know I'm not that behind! Your Ludlow looks gorgeous!! I'm really enjoying this pattern.

  3. Slow and steady right? :) Your Ludlow is looking amazing!