09 January 2015

Give this Guy a Gnombre ~ By Guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

We have had a HUGE response to the "Gnome Thy Name" Post, and I want to personally thank every person who participated ~ All your gnominations were excellent, and I couldn't be more pleased to hear from everyone. 

Now it's time to VOTE for the winning name ~ Please leave your top choice in the comments, and whichever name has the most votes on Sunday at 3:00 pm cst, will be the winner of the "Gnobel Fleece Prize"!

 Onward Ho!  The names to choose from are:

*Gnomar Garciaparra
*Gnomey the Clown (Gnomey don't play that)
*Gnomewit (Gnomeknitwit)
*Here goes Gnome-thing
*No place like Gnome
*Gnome on the range
*Gnome-style country crock
*Gnome-made by me
*Stop in the Gnome of Love!
*Gnoman Rockwell
*Gnomeber Twelve The Fans
*Sonny Bo-Gnome
*Barack Gnobama
*Franklin Dela-gnome Roosevelt
*Gnorma Rae
*Gnobi-Wan Kenobi
*Gnomeo Montague
*Gnome Chomsky
*Gnome Pikelny
*Merle Gnoberon
*Gnoman Izaneyeland
*Little Gnome Fact
*Gnome Thyself
*Gnome pain Gnome gain
*Terry Cotta Tweedygnome
*Li'l Buddy
*Chubs the Gnome
*Calvin... or rather, KALvin
*K2P2 (R2D2's crafty brother)
*Gnoman Polanski
*Gnome de Guerre
*Gnome N. Clature

Good luck to everyone who submitted a name!


  1. I'm combining two ~ KALvin Ludlow

    that's my vote :)

    (part Will and part you Kelly so I didn't think you'd mind...thanks for your hard work and happy ice fishing!)

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to unplugging for a few days ~ I'll be back on Sunday afternoon, and I can't wait to see what the verdict is!

  3. Funny, Melissa, I was just logging on to put a vote in for KALvin and we're on the same page. Maybe KALvin Fludlow?

    1. even better...I'm editing my vote to that as well...I tried my hardest to find some Jared Flood link to the 'I can name that gnome (in two notes)' game ~ spent a half hour this morning scouring his website to look at the names of the sheep that supply his wool, the name of the mill he uses, anything....futile but I wasn't at my best today so maybe on a different day I could have figured something out :)

    2. I edited my vote but tweaked the spelling to :
      KALvin FLOODlow :)

  4. Can't help but laugh and smile. Thanks Kelly
    My vote is Ludlow
    And yes I was born in Gnomvember, sorry :p

  5. Looks like KALvin Floodlow is the winning name! Congrats to WillyG!