11 January 2015

Gnome away from gnome ~ A Weekend on the Ice by guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

We had a fun weekend on the ice!

We got our fish house moved out there, and all set up.

We even caught some fish! (5 tiny walleyes ~ 9" each)

We went out to breakfast....

At our favorite spot.

Love it up here in Mille Lacs, MN.  I know this post is heavy on Gnomes and light on knitting, but I did get quite a bit done, and am almost ready to make the turn on the border of my Ashby.  Also, I wanted to remind everyone that there's still time to vote on the name for the gnome.

edited by Mel to add the link for the voting : here it is!

Happy weekend, everyone!
Kelly Lightbeam


  1. I love the picture of Chloe sharing breakfast with the gnome! The weather looks amazing, even if it's freeeeezing!

    thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL, it was freezing outside! Most of the weekend was in the negative single digits, but the cabin was toasty warm :)

  2. I've never gnome(known) somebody who had a fishing house on a frozen lake before, now I do. That baffles my mind. Fish tasty? Cool post~

    1. LOL, they were too small to keep, but if we do get some big fish, we'll fry them up at home!