07 January 2015

Knitting Ludlow - guest blogger WillyG

Knitting with great yarn is so satisfying.

It's a good thing, because this pattern is a bit of a stretch for me. It's not difficult, but it does require that I look at my work a lot more than multitasking permits. So much for movie knitting. (This project may actually help me live my dream of simpler living by reducing stimulation and slowing things down a bit.)

What has been trickiest is following the directions. I was using the written pattern to feed me directions stitch by stitch, but when I attended knit group I quickly realized I needed another strategy that would be more intuitive; after all, the pattern is not complicated. The front is not so difficult once the pattern is established; looking at the unfolding stitches reveals what comes next, and is easy to compare to the charts for a visual reference point. But the wrong side of the fabric presents more of a challenge, especially early in the diamonds section. My solution is to use a technique I had honed during the border of my recent Leaves of Grass border - to knit backwards, keeping the Right Side facing me the entire time, so that I could read the stitches more easily. It enabled me to keep knitting while listening and chatting with the new women that showed up this week. I still won't be able to look away much, but I don't have to be counting in my head on those wrong side rows.

Now that I have that figured out, all is right with the world. I am relishing knitting with Loft and feeling the fabric it creates.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post. Here's to happy and healthy knitting on your projects!


  1. now that's another mad skill I'd love to learn ~ knitting backwards as well as knitting without a cable needle

    I love it, Will ~ sounds like you're enjoying Loft...I get to try it out on Stonecrop when I'm done with Girasole

    I'm going to knit all the things!

    thanks for sharing :)

  2. I envy the idea of a knitting group! Sounds like so much fun. Good luck with this pattern ~ simplifying a lifestyle is usually quite refreshing (for awhile!)

  3. Great way in describing this knit and I never thought about the backwards knitting idea, thanks. Mostly just need it for the diamonds. You'll hear me say... 1,2,1,4,1,2,1,2 regarding K or P. The more interesting to show on tv the louder I have to get. I am attempting knit group with it, today. I'm on a moss stitch section, should be ok, until a diamond section. My eyes are getting a good focused workout.

  4. Once I put in markers for the pattern repeat on the Diamonds, I was good to go. I tried without but those little rings sure help me. My method for the pattern is more musical - m,m,M,m,m,M,m,M,m,M,mmm.........whatever works. Happy knitting, WillyG..

    1. I do that, too, Andrea ~ I chop lace sections up into manageable counting sections and the numbers take on a certain cadence and pretty soon I can almost stop thinking about what I'm supposed to be doing since my fingers kind of take over when my knitting gets a steady rhythm going...

      I wonder if that's what it feels like to play the piano or any other musical instrument? I imagine that it's pretty similar

  5. Oh my heck -- is this a Greek class? I have no idea what anyone is talking about. Backward? m,m,M,m, 1,2, 1,4,1. I have now entered the Twilight Zone. Seriously, I'm not that great of a knitter. I'm a simple woman with simple needs. Perhaps if I was 20 years younger? Anyway, I find this blog entertaining and I DO learn. Charts? Never. I tried. My brain does not work that way. One line at a time, check off each row, erase check marks, start over. That's me -- little miss anal. Maybe that's why I can make hat, after hat, after hat..... It's easy, I'm knitting, and I'm making a diff.

  6. Oh, Willy -- it looks GREAT.

  7. Y'all are so funny! I enjoyed the progression of the comments. It's nice to know I'm not alone--and to see how all these unique brains operate, haha!

  8. lovely texture! I have to read my charts for every row. This knitting is not a multitask project and I love that :)