09 January 2015

Morgen's Machair Stonecrop - guest blogger Morgen

Greetings all!
I am a bit late to the blogging party, but I did start my Stonecrop on the first.  I did the lower border and then set it aside to finish up my Fir Cone Wrap (Churchmouse pattern, linked here) of which I have about 30 yards left, then to attach the upper border and block.  The Fir Cone Wrap I have done in Jamieson's Ultra.  I had never worked with Ultra before; lovely stuff it is!
I keep looking at my Stonecrop and doubting my judgement on the needle size.  I went down a size as I usually do because I like my lace to be a little tighter, but then I keep second-guessing myself.  I've been picking up the border I've already done and looking at it, stretching it and then deciding I am quite happy with it as it is.  I have gotten very little knitting done in the past week, but my guys are both gone this weekend to an archery tournament so I will have plenty of time to myself  and will be able to make some headway.  I'll post again after a repeat or two.
Wishing you all a warm cup of cocoa and relaxing knitting!

**My yarn is some of that Scottish Designer's Hebridean 2-ply in the colorway Machair which is Gaelic for a low-lying grassy plain on the northwest coastlines of Ireland and Scotland and the Hebrides.


  1. thanks for posting, Morgen! it's good to see you back in this space and I'd stick with the smaller needles ~ your second guessing might bring you to a screeching halt and I think if you're liking the border, you'll love the rest as well! (plus with it being a garter lace...I'd go down a needle size as well, I think, since garter knits at a bigger gauge anyway??)

    can't wait to see some progress photos!!! welcome back, friend :)

  2. Drooling over the yarn you are using for your Stonecrop, it's beautiful! I am knitting the same pattern. :)

  3. Always have enjoyed reading your post's. Enjoy knowing details you share on you yarns, also checked out your Fir Cone Wrap, didn't know Jamieson had an ultra, lace weight.

    I recently ordered some Jamieson & Smith 1 ply lace, 25 grams = 438 yards! from Shetland Islands, super tiny and strong. Haven't a clue what to knit, yet.

    Have a fabulous guy-gone weekend~

  4. Love the color of your yarn! Can't wait to see your Stonecrop! I am starting mine today!

  5. beautiful!! I am making the same pattern and I went down a needles size but my yarn is quite thin!!