27 January 2015

New Beginning - Guestblogger Maria

I did it, I cast on Ludlow instead of Stonecrop and it is a much smoother ride for me. I am using re-purposed Fishermen's Wool from my stash (ironically it used to be a sweater from a Jared Flood pattern I made for my husband, but somehow he did not dig it and managed to get a whole into it, etc. so I decided to undo it and use the yarn for my own dark purposes - insert crazy cackle here).


  1. I think it is coming along great Maria and I love the story behind the yarn.

  2. Yes, fun read. It looks great -- above all HAVE FUN!

  3. I like this one too! I am a slow knitter, trying to be careful to avoid pain from over knitting. But this is such a great KAL - something for everyone.