31 January 2015

Phoenix ~ Melissa

Jason is officially there as of today!  Long road trip ~ quite a story already but I'll wait to share it til he's back.  He sent me this photo within a half hour of pulling into town ~ he in his custom made Richard Sherman jersey and his new 'friend' in her custom made Tom Brady jersey.
What a hoot!
I've decided to call Jason's epic journey :
The Hangover Part IV - Clean & Sober
Why not?  Their episode fits right in (other than it's not being fueled by alcohol & other mind altering bits and bobbles) ~ here's a tease...
they're not driving the same car they drove off in on Thursday, they won't be at the Superbowl and they've been to Vegas...
and that's just the first 2 days...they're not even halfway through their trip.
Got your attention????  Moohahahahaha...
Stay tuned :)


  1. Replies
    1. the story is still being written...they're having a blast :)

  2. What? They aren't going to the game? Sure hope it didn't have something to do with gambling and poor choices. That does not sound like Jason. Maybe it's charity: They felt sorry for a family who lost everything in a house fire and gave them their cash and car and hitch-hiked to AZ hoping they could get free tickets to the game. That's it, right?

    1. all's well, Penny (don't worry!! remember this is the clean & sober version so nothing too crazy!)

      they're having a great time despite mishaps I'll share later...& now they were back in Vegas as of 2:00am :)

  3. Glad they are safe and having fun. Keep those stories coming... Hugs

  4. Whoa! Sounds like quite the adventure! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story...

  5. Well, I bet this is going to be quite a fun story to hear. :)

  6. I hope they had a wonderful time. It really was a disappointing loss but what a ride!