27 August 2012

a solitary saturday ~ a picture post by Melissa

edmonds - kingston ferry

free music in the courtyard outside Churchmouse

a walk along the Bainbridge Marina waterfront

sabayon marsala wine custard for brunch ... wicked

Susanna Hansson and her amazing fibonacci inspired sweater

Churchmouse Yarn and Tea's classroom

a full and busy class

fibonnaci student works in progress

my fibonacci baby hat ~ 4 color ~ 3 # sequence (8, 5, 3)


  1. wow...I got a whiff of the salty-water at the marina before I noticed I was drooling on my keyboard looking at the custard!!

    I just started Turkish bed socks...interesting construction! Neat to see the actual origin of my pattern. Thanks for the tour; your hat is super cute too!

  2. I wish I had thought to take pics of the shop ~ it was newly decorated for fall and I didn't even take a photo of their window display

    like I said ~ running on fumes ~ I will answer the email you sent me soon (promise)...I'm catching my breathe!

  3. Macaroni and cheese indeed! I went to the friends page on Ravelry and up popped a bunch of new entries for your stash additions! YOU! had fun!

    After setting Prairie Rose aside for a week or so I picked it up today and started picking up stitches for the edge. I'm 4 rows from the end!

  4. Wow busy day had by many. I restarted praire again. After finding it off its cable due to my knit pick tips both snapping off unaware to me. This is my fifth start and hopefully my last. Just makes me want to cry

  5. Nice job capturing the class and Susanne and her sweater. A new baby Grey hat? When's she due?