28 August 2012

Evergreen State Fair ~ posted by Melissa

Chapter Four ~ Grange
Probably my fair favorite.  I love the order and brilliant colors of all the freshly picked produce and the hundreds of different canned items, all creatively displayed like works of art.  I don't know how you pick a favorite if you're a judge ~ all the different granges are so good at setting their exhibits to show the best of what they have to offer.  Hats off to everyone involved at all stages of these displays, from the minute the seeds are put into the ground to when the fruits of their labor are harvested and readied for their big moment.  I always want to come straight home and reorganize my pantry and refrigerator after strolling through this barn!  ~ Melissa



  1. um, i think i'm going to have to provide that first photo to the US Olympic Committee so they can send over a cease and desist order for misuse of the olympic symbol - and, you know, overall general denigration of the true nature of the Olympic Games. :)

  2. that was perfect!!!! you're hilarious ~ the farmer's of America as well as the knitter's have now brought shame to the Olympics

    tsk tsk tsk :)~ you have my permission to send the pic to the powers that be ~ I would LOVE to get a personal note from some higher up telling me to pull the photo down ~ BRING IT!!!

    they need to enlarge it, too, since inside every ring are pictures of pigs doing Olympic events ~ SHAMEFUL!! there will be much huffing and puffing and handwringing, I'm sure!

  3. Love the comments!!!! Just cry, WEEE WEEE WEEE all the way home!