28 August 2012

Evergreen State Fair 2012 ~ posted by Melissa

Chapter One ~ Meet Darlene and Margaret
My mom and I were lucky enough to have chosen a day to visit the fair when these two ladies were demonstrating...bobbin lace making!  We spent quite a while talking with them and admiring their skills, and I was thrilled not only to be invited to Margaret's lace group that meets monthly in Kent (much too far away but the invitation was appreciated!), but to be offered free lessons by Darlene (whose coffee group meets twice a week 5 minutes from where I work!).  After much assurances that I would most definitely not waste her time, and that I was very serious about wanting to learn, and that I had more than enough patience to enjoy this craft, I passed her test and I was given her card with strict instructions to not show up on her doorstep unannounced and to please call or email her to set up some time with her.  If she only knew that since the day I started knitting, I have asked everyone I've met if they can tat or do lace work of any sort because I so want to learn.  I'm in heaven!
Darlene was working on lace edging, at the amazing pace of 1 square inch per hour (talk about a craft of patience!) that her daughter then sews onto linens for gifts:

I'm sorry to say that I did not think to ask Margaret what she was making but she had my full attention and was so kind to let me stand behind her so that I could take some pictures:

Intrigued?  I certainly am!  I couldn't have hoped for two nicer ladies to chat with ~ now I just need to find some time for a lesson or two!  My mom really enjoyed what she found in Barn 500, also ~ between the lace makers extraordinaire and getting to see in person the ribbons I won for my knitting (I'll share more about that when I bring them home next week), she was happy as can be.  A fun way to start the day for sure!  ~ Melissa


  1. I'm SO VERY JEALOUS! I just learned to make bobbin lace this past March. I wish I could take classes with you...we'll have to communicate on line. I have no teacher close by, but I caught on to it with a couple of good books after my 2 day class at a living history museum in Amish country, PA. Look at my lace on my Rav about me. It's like a really fun puzzle.

  2. Sorry I was overcome by the bobbin lace...what a wonderful set of pictures. You just needed a picture of a cute pink pig and I would have been in state fair heaven...makes me want a carmel apple right now!

  3. I probably won't get started until after the first of the year ~ maybe :)

    I'll keep you posted ~ I'm so excited and we'll definitely have to share when I get started ... classes at a living history museum in Amish country sounds like an idyllic place to learn this craft (I'm JEALOUS!!)

    and I completely missed the pig barn somehow ~ a friend at work asked me about the pigs today and I realized we must have walked right past it! she said there were lots of little piglets, too, so I really missed out on pictures!