07 August 2012

'plays well with others' ~ a post by Melissa

Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm - October 2011
so I says to my self,

'self, this is the loneliest knit along ever'


'self, are you there?'

where is everybody? 

I know Kelli is at least as far along as I am and not even a comment or a picture (yup, I'm calling you out, sister!)

I've got my main charts done and just have the knitted on edge left so I'm setting my shawl aside until everyone pops in and shares their progress.  I'd hate to finish mine before anyone has even participated!  Looking forward to hearing from you girls!

~ Melissa


  1. I'm here and watching from afar...I'm sockin' it and getting ready for more teaching classes this fall. Kids and adults.


    Self, there might be an echo for a few more weeks.

    School is starting soon and so will the routine of life begin again...

  2. I fell off the wagon! All those nupps have me dragging my feet. At least I'm procrastinating by finishing up my Sunny Spread, (which has languished for over a year, and has a baby waiting on it!) When it's is in the mail, I promise that I'll catch up!

  3. no rush ~ I just have this fear that I'll finish before everyone and then nobody will feel like blogging and that will be the end of the kal - party of one

    so, I've set London aside and I'm back in Paris :)

  4. 'Loneliest knit along ever' them are harsh words, we can't have that. I'm pretty nupped out~ I do have at least one nupp that didn't get tucked in, not such what I'm going to there? any ideas?

  5. Looks like some of us mere mortals need sleep...even though you don't! hehe