24 August 2012

fumes ~ posted by Melissa

busy days, late nights ~ phew...I'm beat and no day of rest in sight!
tomorrow holds a ferry ride to Churchmouse to do this:

I'm really excited for this class and for an excuse to shop a little at Churchmouse (a 10% coupon, a full $20 off punch card and not having gone yarn shopping in months will make it a guilt-free spree!).
Sunday will be full of chores and yard work and then Monday mom and I are off to the Evergreen State Fair for the day.  Busy, busy, busy but it's a good tired that I feel.  I'm anxiously anticipating the change of seasons with my favorite time of year quickly approaching, and I feel rejuvenated.
Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and I hope to have some fun things to share next week!  ~ Melissa 


  1. Have fun! I just spent the afternoon there yesterday....took an embroidery class! They have just finished redecorating the shop. Keep an eye out for the fabulous Leaves of Grass shawl hanging in the window. Also this months special is 20% off those little balls of Rowan Tweed Fine and a shop pattern for houndstooth fingerless gloves! If you look at it, don't forget they have lots more colors available on the wall than what they have featured in the display!

  2. thanks, Morgen ~ I made my shopping list last night and I added Rowan Fine Tweed to it when I got their email yesterday saying it was on sale :)

    I do my homework! too bad you didn't go over today & then we could have seen you!


  3. I hope you spend so much money that you have to eat mac and cheese for one week :D Have fun! Learn lots!!!

  4. had fun, learned lots

    as far as the emptiness of my wallet ~ no mac & cheese for me, there's barely enough left for top ramen :)

    it was a good day!