09 August 2012

OUCH ! THAT HURTS~ a post from Kelli

Really?! Those nupps are getting to me. I found a couple mistakes in my edging, took it all out and started over on just the edge. Everything was going dandy. I was on the purl back row of 'nupps from hell' (if you hav'nt got there, you will.) And snap my wonderful trustworthy knit pick harmony needle broke. Oh well, I can get another from work tomorrow...sign...who chose this pattern anyways?


  1. since you asked ~ that would be mostly you (pattern picker, I mean!)

    pretty sure the shawls I was looking at were Nupp Free ... that'll teach you!

    I can't believe your needle snapped ~ now I'm going to worry everytime I yank on those stitches trying to pull my yarn through :)

  2. I am neither a bobble or nupp lover so I admire your resolve!!

  3. I think I may have to take credit as pattern picker, since I was the deciding factor between this and 'Brown-eyed Susan". Sorry!

  4. I'm learning a lot of scary information from you girls...oh, but broken needles...OUCH! So sad.