15 August 2012

European holiday ~ a post by Melissa

Hey, everybody!  Here's what I've been finishing up while I was waiting for our fellow kal'ers to make some progress ~

It's called Dinner at the Eiffel Tower , a free (for the moment) pattern by Jessie Dodington.  And by her own admission, her first substantial design!!  I am completely impressed!  The pattern was written for dk weight yarn but I know me and the shawls that get the most use at my house are my lace weight knits so I did modify the pattern to make it larger, but the dk projects on Ravelry are all gorgeous!  I may have to do this again in a heavier yarn with no modifications, and that's saying alot since I rarely do the same project twice!

I had fun taking finished photos since it blocked so big and airy ~ I found quite a few ways that I'll be able to wear it.  I've also decided that I do like a semicircular shawl after all, as long as it's big enough to wrap around me nice and loosely.  I'm guessing this took about 3/4 of my madelinetosh Prairie lace weight yarn so about 630 yards or so (I don't have a scale so this a total eyeball guesstimate!).  And the color is bright and berry red with a slight blackish hue ~ it's fantastic.

Now it's back to the knit-along and time to pick up stitches for the border.  Kimberly and Kelly, how are you coming along?  Hopefully you're not entirely nupped out already!  Morgen is nearing the finish line ~ I think she may complete hers before me, even after such a struggle to get everything 'just so' in the beginning. 

Stay cool, everybody!  I know the Midwest has been a boiler room and we're supposed to have record breaking temps the next couple days so shut the blinds, turn on the fans and look forward to a little cooler weather this weekend!  ~  Melissa

I wonder when spellcheck will recognize 'Ravelry' as a real word!?!


  1. My crochet hook has turned up, and I am blocking the crochet baby blanket tonight! I'll be back on track with Prairie before you know it!

  2. Trying get the hang of nupps atill not finding a good way to work them

  3. Wrap those nupps loose, Miss Kimberly, I know your a tight knitter, but given some slack. Easier said then done. You get loys of practice with this shawl.

    How's everybody staying cool?

  4. beautiful! This one is in my queue and I know I will be making it soon!

  5. Today was a sweater and jeans day in MN - cool and cloudy, so I'm in heaven. How is everyone else doing with the heat?

  6. OK - progress report! I'm happy to announce that I'm into the second chart, and moving along steadily. Is everyone else already finished???

  7. I picked mine up yesterday and started the border ~ I have 4 rows left and then I can block it

    I may have some finished photos by this evening depending on how quickly it dries

    It's a quick knit, Kelly, so I'm sure you'll be done in no time now that you've picked yours back up!

  8. Lovin' how you just dashed off from "London" for a quickie in "France"...this trip is lovely too!

  9. I realized that I got that backwards...you went to Paris 1st...oh, to really be there, regardless of the order! Beautimus!