08 August 2012

Some "Fair-ly" exciting news~ a post by Kelli

Oh another exciting time to be at the Skagit Fair, in Mount Vernon Washington. I'm happy to say I'm a 2nd place winner, (that would mean a silver metal) and I got no problems with that. I talked to the overseer of the stitching items, and she told me it was the hardest judge she's ever seen.... tookout her magnifying glass and all. More exhibitors got a 'particpation' ribbon then ever before. That means I got great feedback on my shawl and I'm glad to have it and glad to have my red ribbon. I'll let Melissa post her findings on her beauties. Oh and yeah the KAL, I do need to step it up and post some progress...but it might be all finished ~gulp~, but not blocked yet. With those 'world-wide games' that are going on and knitting the Prairie that is so quick and easy I don't get to the ole internet like I usually do. I hope everybody is enjoying our KAL! I do want to know others progress. Kelli~

1 comment:

  1. hip Hip HOORAY, BBK, my 'fair weather' friend :)))))

    good to hear from you and see your gorgeous shawl on display for all of Skagit County to drool over!

    and the pictures of you on Deception Pass Bridge still give me the heebie jeebies ~ I KNOW how far down it is to the water even though I can't see it ~ YIKES!!

    so cool that you were able to let the fair use those display stands ~ they were badly in need of them!

    see you Saturday!